Greenspace creates branding for 'better British e-bike' company, Evari

London-based creative agency Greenspace is behind the branding for Evari Bikes, a new British e-mobility brand.

Evari was founded by product designer Craig McDonald, who grew up racing BMX and building bikes before embarking on a 20-year career as a filmmaker and product designer. The idea behind Evari was formed by a team he assembled of bike enthusiasts, designers and engineers with the aim of creating "a mobility brand with a long-term focus on sustainability."

Greenspace was brought in to work on the project back in 2018 to develop the brand's strategy, identity and communications. The agency initially conducted interviews and gathered insights from Evari's partners and target customers of all ages. From there, it devised a "legacy idea for the brand that signals Evari’s commitment to design simplicity, elegance and high-quality engineering," says Greenspace. It created the strapline "Arrive Above" to indicate the energising nature of riding an Evari bike.

Director of strategy at Greenspace, Lene Nielsen says that strapline "conveys the purpose of Evari to its customers: that riding the e-bike will carry them along their journey effortlessly, delivering them to their destination feeling exhilarated and looking forward to the return home."

The visual identity is deliberately simple, using a bespoke system of well-proportioned letterforms and numerals derived from the Evari wordmark.

The name Evari was chosen as it is derived from two words: "EV representing electric vehicles and Aria meaning air," Greenspace explains. "The Evari brand symbol, known as the 'E-bird’ takes its form and proportions from the initial E and is inspired by a Swift in flight."


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