Geo Law and his immersive world of murals and doodles

Geo Law is an illustrator based in London who has created art and commercial work for the likes of Google, The New York Times, Friends of The Earth and Facebook, to name a few. His portfolio site has the URL Get a Load a Geo, tempting enough an invitation for us to find out more about the colourful creative.

"Most of my work comprises digital art with doodling and live drawing to create murals," Geo tells us. "My style is loose and bold, with a flow in itself. There are clear visual nods to comic books, manga, hip hop, anime, street art, retro video games and the 'Pictoplasma' approach. I've had plenty of inspirations in my life: I remember first seeing Jon Burgerman talk at our uni about his art practice, and it inspired me to get into murals, with the possibility of travel and creating big art pieces."

"Disney and Studio Ghibli have been big inspirations to me. Video games too, especially Super Mario World and Sonic The Hedgehog. I liked how I got sucked into those worlds, colourful and full of characters. It's something I've wanted to achieve with my work with the characters I draw."

Geo draws using Procreate, Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. When creating murals, the artist draws them directly onto the walls with Posca paint markers, with which he finds a nice ink flow. His style is fast as speed gives his lines a smooth and assured look. Amongst his favourite murals are those he's created for Kiehl's in New York and the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, the latter his longest to date.

"For Kiehl's I created something in a short amount of time before I had to fly back home (it was a last-minute pro bono job that yielded a big project later). Meanwhile, at the Walt Disney Studios, I got to meet the animation team and various directors of films like Finding Nemo and Frozen. It was a fun job because of the atmosphere and how humble and welcoming everyone was. I'm doodling on their walls, but everyone there was creating beautiful artwork themselves; it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to create a long winding artwork for one of my childhood inspirations."

Geo does Disney

Geo does Disney

Geo @ Kiehl's

Geo @ Kiehl's

"As a bonus, the mural was only meant to be an internal project for the staff working on the basement floor, but now it's included in the weekly Studio tour where visitors can see the mural as they pass down the corridor – all 30 meters of it!"

That's a lot of people getting a load of Geo, for sure. More recent exposure has included characters he created for an animated music video by Quakers feat. Jeremiah Jae.

"It felt pretty good collaborating with an animator, and we both had a love of hip hop, so there was good energy when going into the project. My mural at Admix in London (below) was also a blast as it's the most colourful mural I've ever worked on. I tend to keep to two or three spot colours, so it was nice to see how those colours work in a real setting."

In future, Geo would like to try more 3D modelling of his art and characters along with more animation work, as long as it's collaborative.

"I'd rather collaborate as it's always good to see how people take to translating my work and making it move in ways I probably wouldn't think of. I'd also like to get back into making big pieces like paintings or painted doodles once I get the space to accommodate for it.

"I always have products I want to work on like stickers, prints, maybe toys and homeware stuff, so hopefully I'll find the time to dive into these things."

Get a load of Geo on his Linktree.


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