Fisheyed London: Photographer captures an ultra-wide view of the capital's streets

Experimenting with different lenses is a photographer's prerogative and it's something that can unearth the most unexpected images.

All images courtesy of the photographer. Via The Photography Show.

All images courtesy of the photographer. Via The Photography Show.

For UK street photographer Gagan Sadana he recently decided to play around with an 8mm Fisheye lens and was amazed by the resulting monochrome, ultra-wide pictures of London's streets and people.

Sadana's work is often candid and mainly in black and white. Mostly shooting with a prime lens, he looks for a high contrast scene, created either by the natural light or available artificial light. Speaking of his experiment with the Fisheye lens, he said: "My priority was not to use the default distorted view to be a highlight of the photographs but the people, which is the core of street photography. It's something I'm now very comfortable with and try to shoot as much as possible with it. It's particularly useful when there are leading lines, either already in the scene or created by the natural light or shadows."

A member of Street Photography International and a Panasonic European Ambassador, Sadana is also going to be speaking at The Photography Show in March 2016. To find out more visit


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