Fine art paintings celebrate the power of the female form

Samantha Rueter is a 25-year-old emerging artist currently residing in Charleston, SC. Concentrating on figure and form, her fine art paintings convey the power and beauty of the female form.

She explains: "The female form is hardly ever existent in today's society without being sexualised or objectified. Societal standards have changed the way we categorise someone as 'beautiful'. Glorification of the natural figure is often dismissed and devalued.

"Through my figurative work, I aim to represent the power of the female form; manipulate the shape in such a way that pushes you to consider 'beauty' second. Create a sense of curiosity, imply a certain sentiment, form an interest in each woman's story.

"Every expressive figure embodies emotion, using a combination of both wet and dry mediums to create implied form. Light and shadow play a large role in these works; communicating a compelling sense of power, strength and liveliness. All of my paintings are created through direct observation of photographs."

We're big fans of the concept and output – good work, Samantha. See more at


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