Textile innovator Evrnu celebrates the brilliance of nature in new brand identity

Global digital advertising agency DEPT has created a new "warm and ownable" identity for Evrnu, a revolutionary textile innovator which aims to cut down waste material with the help of era-defining polymer regeneration technologies.

Co-founded by CEO Stacy Flynn and president Christopher Stanev, Evrnu describes itself as a "textile innovations company" whose primary goal is to create a circular ecosystem. To achieve this, it has invented polymer regeneration technologies that aim to tackle one of the planet's biggest environmental concerns: textile waste.

These innovations include the NuCycl technologies, which help discarded clothes break down and transform into a pristine new fibre with "extraordinary performance characteristics". These fibres can then be used to create new premium textile products. It's an excellent idea and one which has already been recognised by the likes of Time magazine, Levis and Zara.

To help establish its name even further and make Evrnu stand out in a competitive market, the company turned to DEPT. With a track record of producing pioneering work that looks to the future, it was felt that DEPT was a perfect fit for a brand which wants to reshape how people interact with and re-use their clothes and textiles.

At the core of its identity for Evrnu, DEPT wanted to create something positive, optimistic and distinct. This was achieved by using colours that resonate with nature's vibrancy and brilliance. Meanwhile, the sub-brand created for NuCycl had to echo themes of clarity, purity and science, meaning that a more toned-down look was in order. Cohesion was established between the two thanks to ultra-realistic, original 3D landscapes "to immerse and inspire."

"We were massively inspired by Evrnu's mission and ethos, which serendipitously aligns with our design vision: great design connects hearts and minds and, in this case, science and nature," says Coralie Carré, Creative Director at DEPT. "We wanted to dial up that duality and really take inspiration from natural elements to help Evrnu and Nucycl come to life."

For Evrnu, DEPT relied on visuals representing natural resources such as cotton and water. These textures can be found throughout the identity and even in the tiny intricacies and details in the Evrnu logo. As for the NuCycl logo, this contains a nod to the brand's circular mission in its letter shapes. The 'c' is formed into a perfect circle, while the 'n' is made from the 'u' flipped upside down to create a sense of synergy.

As for NuCycl's design aesthetic, this is centred around different aspects of the fabrication process. "The core elements are supported by a flexible design system, with a suite of dynamic assets and design expressions, including the typography, grid, blur filter, patterns, and bespoke iconography," says DEPT. "The new immersive website also showcases the unique expressions of Evrnu and NuCycl's parallel worlds."

This website lets the brand shine thanks to its bold and straightforward layout. Large spaces dedicated to typography strongly emphasise Evrnu's mission-based philosophy, while the use of a subtle yet precise grid evokes the science underpinning the brand. It also acts as the foundational structure of the digital platform and lends it a technical feel. Meanwhile, animated infographics are on hand to demystify Evrnu and NuCycl's process, and parallax scrolling effects ensure user engagement as they navigate the site.

"The result is a hyper-realistic and futuristic aesthetic that brings passion, art, and science together," DEPT concludes. "It also helps the company's mission to positively empower a movement that drastically reduces the textile industry's environmental impact."


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