Marina Willer of Pentagram creates 'planet positivity' identity for EDP, a brand that's 'changing tomorrow now'

Taking 'planet positivity' as inspiration for its work for renewable energy firm EDP, Pentagram has crafted a fresh identity that expresses the green company's strategy of "changing tomorrow now". Interestingly, motion design sparked the core of the overhaul with a spiral moving shape representing the connection in nature.

Marina Willer and her team created the spiral-inspired logo by placing a dot on a circulating surface that triggered a circular movement to naturally draw a line that formed the spiral shape without human interference. The idea is that it becomes a symbol of transformation and growth, "making an explicit reference to the renewable energy generation of wind farms, and the intricacy of the task ahead to reach EDP's commitments," as Pentagram explains. It forms part of a broader dynamic brand language that constantly adjusts to "embrace change and innovation".

It feels appropriate, given EDP's commitment to 100% renewable generation by 2030 and coal-free by 2025. Founded in Portugal, it now operates across 26 countries, is listed on the Dow Jones Index and is the fourth-largest wind energy producer globally.

The brief to Pentagram was to design a new identity that expresses EDP's strategy of changing the world and conveys its values and ambition. The work by Marina and her team replaces the previous identity designed by Sagmeister in 2011 and marks a new chapter for EDP.

An essential requirement for the fresh brand was to unify all of EDP's companies towards a shared vision. Pentagram created an entire identity system to work across all channels, with motion design and film as a core part of the brand language. The work included a standard design for all the 16 EDP logos in the group, repositioning the company as one single brand with a clear purpose. Different descriptors identify the various parts of the offer.

The custom-drawn wordmark sits in lower case and aims to be friendly, open and inviting, using each letterform to compliment the spiral. The supporting type is FT Base, a family of modernist fonts that is both accessible and direct. Accompanying imagery shows the "epic power of nature and our humble position within that" through inspiring landscapes and the sea playing a significant role.

The former shades of red no longer exist with an updated colour palette that ranges from grounding natural tones to vibrant and energetic highlights. Together, the overhaul by Pentagram gives EDP a complete language that references the natural world and our responsibility to protect it.


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