Edgar's Christmas tells the story of an elderly man reconnecting to his passions and his past

Erste Group is hoping to melt our hearts for the third Christmas in a row, as it unveils its latest festive spot in what has been an exceptional year.

Previously, we've been charmed by Henry the Hedgehog and Hanna Bumblebee; for 2020, we meet Edgar and Marie, a sad elderly man and a kind carer in a care home.

Directed once again by Kyra & Constantin and produced by Passion, the spot is quite the tear-jerker but we wouldn't expect anything less from the Vienna-based banking firm who's past ads have gone viral, attracting over 180 million views. This year, the film departs from adorable animals and tells a human story – one that acknowledges the impact of the pandemic on our lives.

But looks can be deceiving, which becomes apparent as the story unfolds. "Loneliness and isolation have been the defining themes of this pandemic year," says Martin Radjaby-Rasset from Erste. "Unfortunately, that is likely to remain true for most people also during the Christmas season, when we would usually get a chance to be close to our family and friends. We wanted to show what's possible when people are there for each other and when they believe in themselves and others, especially in these times."

Jung von Matt DONAU is once again responsible for the creative realisation of Erste's Christmas advert. Creative Director Michael Nagy says: "After taking two excursions into the world of animated animals, this year we're addressing a theme that's important for Christmas every year, but all the more in these exceptional times – namely: being there for each other.

"That's what drives Marie, the optimistic and lively caregiver who doesn't want to accept that the ageing composer Edgar is increasingly withdrawing into himself as his hearing loss progresses. With the help of the other residents at the old age home, Marie manages to warm Edgar's heart and ensure that he enjoys a very special Christmas celebration."

Debbie Crosscup from Passion adds: "For our third time producing these very special Christmas films, one of our biggest challenges of the pandemic year was turned into a benefit. We've all been working remotely but this has freed us to team up with artists from across the globe who we've wanted to work with for years.

"We built a unique team, with members from Canada to Europe, who have come together to tell this incredible story. The character of Edgar that Krya & Constantin have created proves that looks can be deceiving. We’ve all got a story worth telling and thanks to Marie’s kindness and persistence, Edgar reconnects to his passions and his past."


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