Dreamlike drawings explore the fragility of life and the human condition

Artist Devin Sutanujaya spent his childhood years in Indonesia before moving to Toronto, Canada, in 2001. He studied graphic design and fine art, fascinated with creating visuals that explore the human condition and the wonder and mystery of life. This particular series was created using acrylics and watercolours, and I'm sure you'll agree the results are simply beautiful.

Sutanujaya explains the creative process: "I am always drawn to all the essences and ups and downs that make us who we are as human beings. The concepts of human connection, our experience of time and space, consciousness, lost opportunities, the 'what ifs' and 'what might have beens' in life, the process of letting go and embracing — they all inhabit my reverie as I find myself at the boundary between waking and sleeping.

"I always wonder what if certain feelings could manifest themselves in physical form; what would they look like? The characters in my art are the visual representation of those feelings, frozen in a single frame, defying their ephemeral and transient nature, even if only for a split second as they are passing by.

"Throughout my life, I come across feelings that words fail to describe, yet they linger and leave lasting impressions on me and the people around me. There's a little sadness to the ecstasy of life, beautiful things that make us sad because they give hints that they are not going to last forever. I'm trying to capture those unspeakable substances in my works and share those intimate experiences with as many people as I can. I'm afraid that someday they will be forgotten and no one will ever feel them again."

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