DesignStudio Sydney creates new designs for global digital security brand

DesignStudio Sydney has created a new global brand for digital security and privacy company ExpressVPN.

The studio was brought in to work on the project at a time, it says, when the need for a "trusted, modern digital privacy and security brand" has never been greater. It was briefed to help reimagine digital protection in a more accessible, personable way and design new branding that would withstand the next phase in ExpressVPN's planned growth.

A key aspect of the project was to move away from competitor brands' "negative, fear-inducing language" and technical jargon. Instead, it looked to position the brand as positive and relatable ahead of its imminent rollout of new features and technologies.

Illustrator Ping Zhu was commissioned to create a suite of illustrations that bring the new branding and the products themselves to life. The idea was to add a "human touch," and help "visualise otherwise abstract complex concepts and product features with warmth and personality."

A key element of the rebranding is the newly developed icon and wordmark. These were crafted to be impactful across small digital applications such as app icons and affiliate sites. More generally, the visual identity is inspirited by how we interact with digital devices: the foundation of the brand system is based on six key gestures—swipe, drag, pinch, push, rotate and shake.

DesignStudio worked on the project with the various ExpressVPN teams worldwide and described the final design system as "lively, positive and mature."


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