Design studio TIN launches Ring of Fire, a spicy Indonesian chilli paste that 'burns, burns, burns'

Fans of the hit YouTube channel Hot Ones listen up! Amsterdam's TIN has created its own sambal, a hot and spicy Indonesian chilli paste named Ring of Fire, for more than obvious reasons.

Designed to "elevate any dish, snack or sandwich", the new firey product has, of course, had its tangy identity crafted by the Dutch branding and design studio with cheeky references to the music of Johnny Cash and Elvis. Because, as TIN puts it, it "burns, burns, burns".

This isn't fictional. Ring of Fire is a real product you can sign your name down for. Daan Hornstra, Vincent Meertens, and Johan Nijhoff – the brains behind TIN – just want to see if there's enough interest first before going into full production. "If you want something to keep you hot in winter and are interested in a jar of Ring of Fire sambal," the signup form declares, "please have some spicy patience. With enough requests, the sauce goes into production and will be sent your way."

Sambal is an Indonesian spicy chilipaste made from mixture of a variety of chills and spices," explains Daan from TIN. "It's mostly used in Asian cuisine but it fits with any snack or dish. This new delicious sambal needed a brand that's fun and just as tangy as the chilli paste itself. Johnny Cash and Elvis are giving this jar of hot joy the right introduction. The name and brand identity tell you exactly what you can expect while eating this goodness."

For those font lovers out there, Ring of Fire's leading font is Self Modern Italic. To find out more about TIN's new side venture, visit


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