Dave Will's illustrated Liverpool FC postcards that celebrate the beautiful game

As Liverpool enjoyed a memorable season in 2013-14 – with Luis Suárez deemed as the league's top scorer – designer and illustrator Dave Will decided to make and sell illustrated football postcards for fun.

All images courtesy of Dave Will Design

All images courtesy of Dave Will Design

But what started as a "creative release from a day job" soon became an officially licensed product with the club. "It was partly due to their popularity with fans who'd spotted them on Twitter and partly because the team was doing so well that year," Dave tells us.

Since that epic era, Dave has created and sold officially licensed LFC postcard sets based on the 14/15 and 16/17 seasons, plus the career of legends Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, the 10-year anniversary of Istanbul (what a game!) and the 2019 Champions League win.

For the 19/20 series, there are 38 postcards in the set, one for each of the games played in the league. The front of each card features a design that aims to capture a memory or theme from the game itself. The back of the postcard features a collection of stats, match info etc to act as a way of telling the story of each game.

"It's a personal project that I'm immensely proud of and I've built a small but loyal following of fans who buy my work," Dave continues. "I've always felt its a unique idea that is a combination of my love for illustration and design combined with my other passion as a fan of the club. I strive to make every card different, taking a lot of time to get happy with a solid concept before moving into the design stage. Every postcard has an idea behind it that is relevant to the game, rather than just drawing the goal scorer for example."

Discover more or grab a set for yourself at lfcposters.com.


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