Photographs of London's diverse cyclists post-lockdown by Matthew Johnson

A new journal capturing London's cyclists post-lockdown has been released by portrait and art photographer Matthew Johnson. Called Cyclists of London, the self-published book takes a closer look at those who cycle professionally, commute to work or get out on their bikes just for fun.

"As someone who cycles frequently around London, this project started off as a bit of a passion project," Matthew tells Creative Boom. "I soon realised a lot of people were interested in being photographed and wanted to share their cycling stories. I ended up visiting parts of London I'd never been to before and meeting lots of interesting people in the process of creating this body of work."

After connecting with over 40 cyclists through a Facebook post, Matthew cycled across London for several months meeting cyclists and capturing the portraits for his project. Keen to demonstrate the breadth of the capital's cycling community, the journal features images of people from all different walks of life and backgrounds – from politicians to activists and everybody in between.

"It was fantastic to meet so many people on their bikes, all of them cycling for many different reasons. It was especially nice to do it at a time when London was a lot quieter – but through the conversations I had with people, what became clear, is that cycling is something that brings them all joy and is a big part of their lives. I think putting them all together in a book, does a great job of showing that," Matthew adds.

Cyclists of London is available to pre-order now. To find out more about Matthew Johnson, visit his website.


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