Collide combines motion graphics with digital design for bold, synaesthetic art installation

This colourful work of synaesthetic art comprises surreal visuals paired with an engaging soundscape to create an immersive exhibition space. The aim is to capture the essence of motion, colour and sound to evoke the experience of letting go, and losing oneself in the creative process.

The site-specific installation was constructed by the team at Berlin-based studio, onformative, for Dolby Laboratories in San Francisco. The team explains: "Collide is an exploration of the senses by transforming recorded motion data into abstract visuals and sound.

"By mixing, reversing and eliminating restrictions of time and space, a new vision of the human body and mind is discovered. The work is a multi sensory experience exploring the subjects from an emotional perspective, examining the feeling of being immersed in the creative process and attentive to the present moment as the senses combine and become one.

"Collide was inspired by the phenomenon of synaesthesia, the union of senses. The digital art installation combines original chamber music and painterly visuals to reinterpret recorded motion data and act as a conductor for the musical score composed for the installation."

And the results are truly stunning. Check out the videos below.

Via Behance | All images & videos copyright of onformative


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