Coley Porter Bell brews up fresh identity for Tesco Finest Coffee, celebrating its 'affordable luxury'

It's been more than 20 years since Tesco launched its Finest Coffee range, available in varying strengths and flavours at an affordable price. To bring fresh energy and colour to the popular product, the supermarket chain enlisted Coley Porter Bell to redesign its identity with striking illustrations by the award-winning Tom Abbiss Smith.

The work is the latest of many projects to be delivered by the global agency, which is behind a new design architecture for the entire Tesco Finest brand, stretched across an ecosystem of more than a thousand products. "Tesco's Finest range had lost its place in people's lives. A 'sea of silver' whose premium codes were constrictive and outdated," says Coley Porter Bell.

"Inspired by the brand's promise Every Little Helps, we created a new design strategy and packaging to 'celebrate every detail' that makes each product delicious and special. Details that help elevate everyday moments and make premium democratic".

As such, the new look for Finest Coffee champions the details that make the range uniquely delicious by putting it at the heart of the packaging story. At its heart, it embodies the six flavour personalities of the crafted coffees: Colombian Supremo, Kenyan, Machu Picchu Peruvian, Sumatran, Morning Ritual and Sunset Hour.

Each design aims to evoke the blend's unique offering, and Coley Porter Bell commissioned artist Tom Abbiss Smith to create bespoke illustrations that capture the individuality of each coffee, accentuating "tasting notes, occasion and provenance and making the range exciting and inviting to navigate through a bold, vibrant visual style," says the agency. For instance, the Sunset Hour design captures an abstract sun and stars in a moody sky to reflect not only the evening occasion but also to give an idea of the flavour, such as star anise. And the Morning Ritual hints at citrus, floral and caramel notes with a vibrant palette of greens, yellows and oranges.

The rebrand aligns with the philosophy of the Tesco Finest range, which promises "affordable luxury that elevates everyday moments". As Sam Stone from Coley Porter Bell explains: "Coffee is no longer a functional commodity-based purchase. Customers have so much more appreciation and knowledge about the variety of individual flavours, blends and tasting notes in this category, so our ambition was to craft an expressive range design using evocative product names and rich and engaging bespoke illustrations to drive shelf standout and celebrate the uniqueness of each individual blend."

Caroline Kelly from Tesco adds: "Our beautiful, bespoke designs nod to flavour and provenance, all whilst achieving standout on shelf that is so important to attract and keep our customers in this evolving market."

The new Tesco Finest Coffee range by Coley Porter Bell has been unveiled today and rolled out across the supermarket chain's 4,000 stores across the UK and Ireland. Not a fan of coffee? Check out these suggestions for the best afternoon tea spots in the UK.


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