Butter's fresh identity for a Manhattan restaurant that specialises in the plumpest of mussels

Brooklyn studio Butter has served up this splendid new identity for Flex Mussels in Manhattan, a family-run restaurant that specialises in the freshest and plumpest mussels, sourced from a Canadian fishing island.

All images courtesy of Butter

All images courtesy of Butter

Prince Edward Island claims to have some of the best seafood in the world and it's also notable for its vibrant colours, marine-inspired architecture, and diverse landscape. Butter drew on this rich history and culture for its new brand.

"We wanted to capture the roots of the restaurant, which started as a storefront on Prince Edward Island before making its way to Manhattan as the family's 23rd establishment 10 plus years ago," says Cari Sekendur, principal of Butter.

A "cheeky quality" is carried through the brand, from the illustrations to logos, colours, and taglines. Brand collateral features whimsical illustrations of characters you'd see "fishing and frolicking" on Prince Edward Island beaches, as well as little drawings of island architecture and natural gems. Geometric compositions inspired by nautical flags and colours are also found throughout.

Flex menus are full of surprises, too, with lots of quirky details. The structure was also thoughtfully considered in terms of sustainability and ease of use. Cari adds: "The system is dynamic, featuring multiple designs for each brand collateral piece. This gives guests the opportunity to have a different experience each time they dine at Flex."

Formed in 2018, Butter is a new creative studio in Brooklyn, New York City. Recent creative endeavors include brand identities for Alma Mater, a highly inclusive hip hop record label, HiFi Athletics, a boxing brand that champions the underdog, and Kettner Coffee Supply, Nashville’s newest destination for titillating coffee and subversive treats; and Flex Mussels, a Manhattan restaurant that brings Canada’s finest mussels to NYC. Discover more: butterstudio.nyc.


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