B&Q's 'Build a Life' campaign by Uncommon celebrates the belief that DIY can lift our spirits

In what has been a hugely challenging year for many businesses, B&Q is one retailer to thrive as people have turned increasingly to DIY projects and home improvement during the pandemic.

Stuck inside our own four walls, we've come to realise just how much we cherish our private spaces and it's a feeling B&Q has jumped on with its new brand campaign, 'Build a Life', which celebrates the belief that "anyone can change their home to make life better" – no matter what's happening in the world.

This new brand purpose has been brought to life by London creative studio, Uncommon, in a moving launch film which shows snippets of real home videos from 69 families across the 69 cities that make up the UK, plus a nationwide poster campaign that "reflects life moments and how home improvement can shape them".

Looking at the poster designs, they marry together imagery of everyday DIY products with powerful statements inspired by life at home and home improvement. The design look and feel follows a disruptive approach, celebrating B&Q's famously orange look and feel within a fresh stripped back style for the brand.

Executions include simple copy such as 'Change' paired with an image of a single nail, prompting people to think about the power they have to make their life better with only a nail. To a tilted upright drill paired with a single syllable — 'Art'. There are also depicted nostalgic moments such as a dimmer switch paired with 'First kiss' and spilt paint pots paired with 'Teenagers'.


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