&Walsh's branding for Bombay 99 is inspired by a single droplet from the new drink

&Walsh was recently tasked with crafting the identity for a new range of mixers by the people behind Bailley drinking water. The New York studio, founded by Jessica Walsh in 2019, took inspiration from a single droplet from the Bombay 99 drink to inform the creative throughout.

Parent Indian company Parle Agro has today launched Bombay 99, its latest range of mixers, to enhance the experience of some of your favourite drinks. Available in cans of 250ml and 150ml with three key flavours, Walsh and her team were appointed to create the branding and packaging design for the launch of the new product line.

"The Bombay 99 name is an ode to the brand roots, referring to the pin code of their historic headquarters in Mumba," Jessica tells Creative Boom. "We brought the branding to life through custom flourishes and ornaments inspired by traditional Indian flourishes and designs. We designed them with a modern twist. The creation is inspired by the shape of a single droplet from a drink."

It's the latest work to surface from what has been an ongoing partnership between &Walsh and Parle Agro in recent years. Considered a pioneer in the Indian beverage industry, the company has created innovative products and iconic brands since 1985. "Bombay 99 is a wonderful example of the fantastic work by &Walsh," says Nadia Chauhan, CMO of Parle Agro. "Over the years, we've built a strong relationship with &Walsh that we are very proud of and created many amazing brands together and revamped many existing ones."

The new branding comes in a refreshing palette of muted grey, acid bright pink and cheery yellow with a backdrop of Indian-inspired typography surrounded by ornate patterns and icons. It's all brought to life in a series of illustrations by Sanchit Sawaria with animations by Pawel Stojek, Lorenzo Cobo, Lucas Luz, and Lucas Ramos. Each colour highlights a different flavour, from Indian Tonic and Club Soda to Ginger Ale.

The whole line is celebrated in accompanying product photography by Tiffany Thebodeau, Chelsea Finkel and Jarett Loeffler – featuring droplets of the mixer drink surrounding the product, packaging and accompanying marketing collateral.

Meanwhile, the campaign behind the drink's launch features simple yet impactful messages such as 'Ginger Ale Lover' and 'Mixers For Every Occasion' with a suite of marketing assets such as cocktail recipe books, drink mats, and cardboard packaging. The Bombay 99 Mixers range launches this week.


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