Bold artwork explores the modification, transformation and hyperbolisation of space

On first glance, the work of Lucia Horvátová appears to be a mixture of 1980's colour palettes, graffiti art and otherworldly shapes – completely mesmerising and full of hidden detail. Described by the Slovakian artist as dealing with "modification, transformation and hyperbolisation of the space", each piece is a mind-bending portal into an alternative universe.

The artist's statement reads: "In the paintings, fragments of crystal mass liquefy, regroup into various forms, and then crystallise and solidify again. They symbolise strain, dynamics, force, instability and endless process of explosion, expansion and implosion.

"In her paintings, she refers to micro as well as macro worlds, which have similar norms and a structure. These 'worlds' are constantly pulsating, oscillating, circulating, spinning, formatting and fading, respectively they are changing their own nature and structure to another state and form."

Although depicting fictitious environments, the works present an escape from reality, inviting onlookers the opportunity to delve into Horvátová’s mind. Discover more at


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