Behind The Counter: Charming film series celebrates our beloved independent record stores

Launching this Saturday, 12 June, will be Record Store Day, the one day of the year when over 230 independent record shops across the UK come together to celebrate their unique culture. To mark the occasion is a charming series of 12 short films that brings to life some of their stories.

Made in collaboration with Classic Album Sundays and audio brand Bowers & Wilkins, Behind The Counter shines a spotlight on the hard-working record shop owners who play a vital role in bringing music fans together in their local communities.

It's the second time such a series has been made and each film has been released in the 12 weeks leading up to Record Store Day this Saturday. With so many record shops impacted by a year of lockdowns and social distancing, it certainly feels more important than ever to tell their stories and promote their businesses.

In the films, we meet Bear Tree Records in Sheffield, Diverse Vinyl in Newport, Elsewhere in Margate, Empire Records in St Albans, Flashback Records in London, Jumbo Records in Leeds, Dundee's Le Freak Records (as featured), Love Vinyl in London, Reflex in Newcastle, Chesterfield's Tallbird Records, Wilderness in Manchester, and X Records in Bolton. The series doesn't just support record shops across the UK; it gives us some insight into how shops have coped during the pandemic.

Check out the Behind The Counter series trailer to enjoy a taster. Otherwise, you can find all the films on Record Store Day's YouTube channel. And don't forget to support your local record shop this weekend, too.


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