Bedow's identity for a Swedish children's clothing rental service plays on the 'circular economy'

Inspired by the circular economy, Stockholm studio Bedow has created an identity for Hyber, a Swedish startup that rents out children's clothing to help its customers save money and be kinder to the planet.

Built around the strapline 'small circles, big impact', the new visual system is fresh with a premium feel to hint at the brand's eco-credentials and the quality of the garments on offer. "Each item of clothing is typically rented out to three different children," says Olivia Rothschild from Hyber, "which, since 2015, has saved our members an average of €245 each."

Bedow says it wanted the identity to highlight the wider effects of making sustainable consumer decisions every day. "Visually, we think of children as small, circular cycles," says Perniclas Bedow, creative director at Bedow. "Individually they may be small, but as a collective, they can make a big impact. This idea became the foundation of the Hyber identity in which individual circular forms are used as the building blocks of the wider brand."

Perniclas, who has young kids himself and is a Hyber member, summarises the identity as "a flexible tool that offers the brand multiple opportunities to tailor its communications to various platforms and media."

As well as a new semicircular logotype, the Hyber identity includes a seasonal palette and abstract patterns that evoke spring, summer, autumn and winter. "We wanted to frame the products simply in the environments in which they’re used: rain, sleet, snow, sun and wind,” adds Perniclas. "This is accompanied by a custom typeface that suggests a childlike naivety without being unrefined, to ensure the brand maintains a premium feel. Together, we hope these elements provide a flexible solution that allows the team at Hyber to vary their tone and messaging for a variety of different purposes as they grow."


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