Beach Life: An intriguing photographic exploration of life on a beach in Saint-Tropez

On a recent trip to the South of France, London-based self-taught photographer Iwona Pinkowicz enjoyed a little photographic documentation of people soaking up the sunshine on a beach in Saint-Tropez.

​Awash with celebrity appeal and dripping with excess bling, the reality lived up to the glamorous expectation she'd always had of the small fishing village turned pouty-paradise for the jet-set elite. She explained: "With mega yachts on the horizon, super cars in the car park and helicopters delivering the wealthy to their favourite hangouts on the beach, it often resembled a parade of the privileged.

"Sixty years after sexpot Brigitte Bardot added to the allure of this stunning setting in 'And God Created Woman' I found dozens of subjects, with heydays ranging from past to present, looking and feeling equally fabulous."

Iwona's journey with photography began just over two years ago, when she quickly turned her hobby into a passion that continues to grow: "I believe the key to conveying true emotion in a photograph is to get involved and become part of the scene. I have the confidence to get up close and personal with my subjects, enabling me to capture priceless moments filled with real emotion."

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of photographer


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