B&B studio's refreshing new identity for non-alcoholic aperitif, Everleaf

B&B studio has refreshed the brand identity for non-alcoholic aperitif Everleaf, as it adds two new products to its expanding range of adult drinks.

Building on the success of its initial SKU – a bittersweet aperitif that acts as a base for a traditional spritz – Everleaf's new flavours include a vibrant and aromatic aperitif inspired by mountain plants and blossom, and a crisp and fresh aperitif that uses marine flavours together with more traditional gin botanicals.

Before these 'Moutain' and 'Marine' flavours were launched, B&B studio was tasked with reinventing the existing identity to give Everleaf "greater stature and storytelling". Originally packaged in a tall bottle with a patterned label, the brand had "more in common with the world of cordials than craft spirits," according to the London studio. "With its broad shoulders and sophisticated neck, the new bottle feels at home among its crafted peers," it adds.

The label designs express the "essence" of each biome in the background while focusing in on a single embossed botanical to tell the story of founder Paul Mathew's search for the perfect ingredients. Accompanying photography brings the product to life "without being too literal" and "shafts of light help deliver a sense of the evening aperitif occasion". There's a use of sophisticated colour schemes to evoke the natural ingredients and echo the colour of the liquid within, while scattered foils give a premium touch.

"The new range is harmoniously designed for real collectability, but each label tells the unique story of each liquid and its inspiration," says Claudia Morris, creative director at B&B studio. While rooted in the natural world, the design is incredibly effective at communicating the taste, occasion and emotion associated with each drink."

Everleaf's new branding and full range have launched in M&S food stores across the UK.


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