10 of the best online stationery shops to satisfy that 'back to school' feeling

The nights are drawing in. There's an occasional smell of autumn in the air. Summer isn't quite over but you've got that growing "back to school" feeling and that means only one thing – you want new stationery. And lots of it.

Image courtesy of Present & Correct

Image courtesy of Present & Correct

Beautiful notebooks (breathe in that new paper smell), fresh pens, delightful erasers and helpful pencil cases – you want them all. Along with a new rucksack. Allow Creative Boom to help you begin the happy annual shop. In no particular order, here are 10 of the best online shops to fulfil your stationery cravings.

1. Present & Correct

When it comes to stylish stationery, it doesn’t get much better than Present & Correct. Whether you’re seeking a new diary, some paper clips or a desk tidy, you’ll be sure to find all you need and more in a variety of dreamy, on-trend hues. We’re huge fans.


2. Quill

Comprising a selection of beautifully designed pieces, Quill is your go-to store for all things chic. Specialising in carefully crafted products, from notebooks to pens and leather goods, you can expect high quality, on-trend designs.


3. Chase and Wonder

Taking a quirky approach to stationery, Chase & Wonder is bright and bold. If your desk is simply crying out for a unicorn-emblazoned notebook – and let’s face it, whose isn’t? – you know exactly where to go.


4. Fox + Star

If Fox + Star had a middle name, it would most definitely be colour. Ensuring you never use a dull Post It note again, the stylish stationery brand offers fun, character-based options, including a French Bulldog, a cute cat and a rather furry rabbit.


5. Papier

The beauty of Papier is that it offers a customising service for its stationary, so for just £12.99 you can have a notebook with your name on it. Become the envy of the office with a pastel creation, or opt for botanical or pet-themed. We love.


6. Sticker Stack

After experiencing the quality and range of amazing stickers and stationery in Asia – particularly in Japan and Korea – Sticker Stack's team was astonished. It knew that it had to bring some of this fantastic stuff the UK, and that is exactly what they're doing now. With one team in Bristol, England, and one in Daegu, South Korea, Sticker Stack has a unique outlook on the latest stationery trends across the globe.


7. Busy B

When Kerri Binnie (the 'B' in Busy B) became a mum, her previously busy life suddenly became very busy indeed. It was time to get organised. So, being a product designer, Kerri set to work crafting cleverly thought-out solutions to tame the mayhem of modern life.


8. Lollipop

Lollipop Designs is the London-based studio behind an award-winning collection of home and stationery products, set up in 2007 by designer Rachel Le Mesurier. Combining organisation, playfulness and style in products like their brightly animated origami notelets and the best-selling lineup of planners, this is the place to visit if you appreciate beautiful things.


9. Mustard

Got a sense of humour? Prefer things a little sillier than usual? Mustard is the online stationery shop for you. This is the place where you'll find cactus stationery pots, candy-coloured pencils, cat-themed bookmarks, all kinds of helpful unicorns and lipstick markers.


10. Sparrow + Wolf

Sparrow + Wolf is a Birmingham-based home furnishing and stationery studio run by Cherie Gregory. Combining great design, quality products and fun illustrations to make drool-worthy notebooks, enamel pins, cards and pom-pom cushions. Stationery fans will appreciate this quirky and fun online shop.



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