glue Isobar's London home is an innovative open-plan and creative workspace

Today we're taking a peek at the studio of glue Isobar, a communications agency in London, who have just moved to new offices overlooking Regent's Park.

In their own words: "Here on the 7th Floor of Regent’s Place, we have a created an innovative open-plan space that embodies our creative and collaborative way of working, punctuated throughout with our agency personality.

"The agency’s history is all around the office, even ingrained on our meeting room walls! We reused and recovered the sofas and soft furnishings from our old building. There’s some reclaimed railway sleepers on reception that beautifully contrast with the metallic and reflective surfaces throughout the office. We have several ‘idea’ areas, including both cork board and blackboard walls, which we encourage everyone to add to on a daily basis.

"There are also the creative strategy spaces, where we brainstorm client work and not forgetting our ‘celebrity spot wall’ which houses all the famous faces we see when out-and-about. There’s a huge open area around our Tea-Bar (complete with celebratory bunting and glue neon-light), where we congregate as one big Isobar family at our weekly meetings. Perhaps the biggest asset to this office is the outstanding view we have of London. You can see from Wembley to the Shard and beyond, plus the sunsets tend to send our staff into an Instagram frenzy."

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of glue Isobar


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