New York designer Janet Chan's typographic book on the ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has become a hot topic of late, as many scientists have warned of its potential dangers. While it's predicted that robots will achieve the intelligence of humans in as little as 50 years from now, people generally see AI as an imaginary technology of the science fiction world... one that's depicted in a negative way, often fighting against their human creators and destroying the world.

New York graphic designer Janet Chan is particularly fascinated by A.I. and its implications, and has created I.A. on A.I., a visual interpretation of a collection of Isaac Asimov’s short stories on the ethics of artificial intelligence.

"My thesis is an attempt to bring the works of Asimov to the attention of the general public. He is one of the most famous sci-fi writers and is known for his stories on the ethical issues surrounding artificial intelligence. My book is a collection of Asimov's short stories, its inner spreads designed in the style of Quentin Fiore's The Medium is the Massage in order to attract the average reader to a sci-fi topic."

Janet received her BFA from Parsons School of Design, with a concentration in Communication Design and Data Visualization. Her client list includes Shanghai Project, M+ Screenings, Frieze New York, Guggenheim, Commercial Type, and Pye. Prior to working at design studio Project Projects, Chan worked as an art director for the Yorker Hotel in Hunan, China, as well as a design assistant at the Parsons Institute for Information Mapping; the Metropolitan Museum of Art; and The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. She is also the winner of the student bronze at Information is Beautiful Award 2016.


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