New book 'I Love It. What Is It?' tells the story of renowned brand design agency Turner Duckworth

Publication weaves a narrative around the influential studio's three decades through the lens of work for brands such as Amazon, McDonald's and legendary band Metallica.

The storied history of one of the world's foremost brand design studios, Turner Duckworth, is the subject of a new book out this month.

Published by Phaidon in the UK, the book tells the shared experience, instincts, and insights behind the studio, founded by David Turner and Bruce Duckworth, through a collection of essays that examine the company's most recognisable work over the past 30 years and more.

Each essay explores the essence of design and how to harness it through branding, packaging, and art. It is a kind of insider's guide to what can often be seen as an insular corporate world where high-level decisions about branding and logo design are made.

The book has been written in collaboration with Gyles Lingwood, professor of business creativity at the University of Lincoln and features contributions from twenty renowned industry figures, including Morgan Flatley, global chief marketing office and new business ventures, McDonald's, Moira Cullen, former design director of Coca-Cola North America, Linda Lee, chief marketing officer of Campbell's meals and beverages, Stefan Sagmeister, an internationally celebrated designer; and Jessica Spence, North American president of Beam Suntory.

Sarah Moffat, chief creative officer of Turner Duckworth, comments: "As a company, we've never adhered to the conventional practice of having a business plan. There's no claim to pioneering a radically new approach, nor can we pinpoint a single genius move that propelled us to success. Our foundation is rooted in doing what feels right.

"To capture the essence of this powerful emotion, we reached out to 20 kindred spirits, affectionately known as Turner Duckworth friends and family, to share their experiences from various aspects of the creative industry.

"This is not your typical agency retrospective or a step-by-step design manual. There's something in this book for anyone interested in cutting through complex mental clutter and evoking genuine emotions.

"We deliberately opted for simplicity, steering clear of a high-production coffee table book. The upturned corner is an invitation to scribble notes in the margins, while the modest size fits effortlessly on your bedside table."

Turner Duckworth – which has studios in London, New York and San Francisco – has earned over 600 honours, including the inaugural Cannes Grand Prix for Design, a D&AD Collaboration Award, induction into the Clio Hall of Fame, and even a Grammy.

'I Love It. What Is It?' is intended as a testament to these accomplishments, capturing what the studio says is its "unwavering belief in instinct, risk-taking, and innovation". It is full of great imagery, relevant quotes from figures as diverse as Bruce Lee to T.S. Eliot and plenty of anecdotes to keep you reading whether you're an agency veteran or new to the world of branding and design.

The book is published on 24 February by Phaidon and will cost £29.95.


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