New and expanded Malika Favre monograph is a minimalist marvel

French illustrator and graphic designer Malika Favre has been impressing audiences for years with her minimalist work for publications such as The New Yorker, Vogue, and Vanity Fair. Now over a decade's worth of her work has been released in a new monograph from Counter-Print, which contains a suitably stripped-back aesthetic.

Titled Malika Favre (Expanded Edition), this monograph builds on a previous edition from Counter-Print, which has enjoyed two successful print runs. And rather than leaping straight into a third, the publishers decided to satisfy the public's clear demand for Malika's work by putting out an expanded and updated edition that includes many of her new projects.

Counter-Print says: "This revised and expanded edition of her revealing monograph tells the story of an authentic artist, one whose stunning output showcases a unique talent attuned to spotting and appreciating the beauty in the simplest things."

This eye for beauty reduced to its simplest form can be found in the design of the book itself. The cover depicts a pair of die-cut lips and a beauty spot, which are a recognisable symbol of femininity that have been adopted by Malika as something of a personal logo. You only have to look at her social media platforms to find it representing her presence.

Meanwhile, the design of the interior spreads is boiled down to its simplest components in the most elegant way possible. Counter-Print co-founder Jon Dowling says: "This leaves the artworks to shine, and the pace and drama are created through the scale and placement of imagery."

By working closely with Malika, Counter-Print has created a book that reflects her unique approach to illustration. After working through multiple layout options, as well as formats and finishes, the finished product is one that truly does her work justice.

"Meanwhile, Malika Favre designed the cover and many details found within the book while simultaneously editing her vast portfolio of work into a final, refined collection of images," adds Jon. "It was decided early on that the best way to section the book would be by theme, such as 'Women', 'Travel', 'Patterns', 'Geometry' etc. It helped further refine the work into what it would finally become.

"With this new expanded edition, we have added two further sections in order to reflect the widening of Malika Favre's output, and the book now also includes 'Fashion' and 'Nature' sections.

"This was a very close collaboration, and what makes the book's design successful is that the artist's hand is everywhere; from the miniature artwork created for the working bar code to the first person introductions that mark each section opening."

Malika Favre (Expanded Edition) is available to purchase now for £40, with the first 100 copies sold through Counter-Print coming with a free enamel pin designed by Malika herself. What does it look like? A pair of lips, of course.


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