Human After All's upcoming book takes us deep inside the world of Weapons of Reason

London design agency and certified B Corp, Human After All, is behind a new book that is not only timely but offers important guidance on how we move forward after the events of 2020 and tackle the world's most pressing challenges – that is, short-term thinking in global leadership.

Weapons of Reason pays homage to its magazine of the same name, launched six years ago to help us "better understand the world" and cover themes of the environment, population, health, society, sustenance, technology, economics and conflict, across eight rich issues. In those six years, the publication featured over 120 stories and 150,000 words written by experts, academics and journalists from across the globe, with the expressed goal of exploring how these subjects intersect with each other, and what exactly that means.

Now this new 260-page, hardcover book, which is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to make it a reality, brings all of this material together in an updated analysis.

Featuring a foreword by IDEO's Tim Brown, Weapons of Reason shows us how crucial design, illustration and storytelling can be in these uncertain times. You can also expect essays from Maryn Mckenna, acclaimed author and journalist, who traces our unhealthy history with industrial meat farming and how it could present a public health emergency the likes of which we've never seen.

There's Peter Barnes, entrepreneur and environmentalist, who explores how we lost the commons to private interests, and how we might go about getting it back. George Monbiot, journalist and lifelong activist, believes we face a crisis of imagination that leaves us stuck in systems that are no longer fit for purpose. And that a new narrative is necessary. While Ann Pettifor, economist and the brains behind the Green New Deal, looks at why the time is right for a new kind of politics and economics that puts the Earth and its complex life support systems at its centre.

Last but not least, Johnny Drain, food futurist and materials designer, looks at how we will feed the world of the future in a more delicious, regenerative, equitable and ecologically-friendly way.

"2020 has been more uncertain than any year in our lifetimes, with climate change, public health problems, political factionalism and misinformation all coming together in one perfect storm," says Danny Miller, co-founder of Human After All. "Things are broken, and it's our belief that a new mindset is needed for where we go next."

You can help Weapons of Reason a reality by supporting the project on Kickstarter.


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