Figure It Out: viction:ary's latest book shines a light on designer toys and their makers

Take a look inside any modern design studio or glance at any freelancer's desk and you're likely to spot something that was usually only associated with anime fans, movies buffs and hobbyists.

Toy figurines are, in fact, becoming more popular elsewhere thanks to the artists, designers, and producers who are redefining what ‘limited editions’ really mean to collectors and the industry as a whole.

You can discover more about designer toys and their makers in Figure It Out, a new book published by viction:ary that shines a spotlight on over 60 talented creatives who use their artistry and skills to produce unique collectables that blur the line between art and toy.

Made in collaboration with award-winning creative director Lio Yeung, the book features a wide curation of compelling projects and interviews with luminaries in the industry, it is a visual collection of seminal work and ideas that will capture the imagination of art, design, and pop culture enthusiasts all around the world.

Expect to see the work of coarse, Jason Freeny and Awesome Toy, and read interviews with MEDICOM TOY founder Tatsuhiko Akashi and Case Studyo's Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk. Figure It Out is available via


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