A cosy and inspiring workspace for Clearhead, London

Today we're taking a peek at the studio of Clearhead, a full service creative agency based in Luton. In Clearhead's own words: "We are very proud of our heritage here in Luton, and that is why we wanted to base ourselves in an old disused Hat Factory. As anyone with knowledge of Luton will be able to tell you, post-war Luton was synonymous for making hats!

"It got lovingly restored in the final part of the last century and now stands proud as the cultural hub of the local area. We are in the 'penthouse' suite, so-to-speak and love it. There is normally about 7 or 8 people in at anyone time, and we have slowly moved from a small office on the floor below to the beautiful 4th floor, which provides so much more space. The views, the vibe and the space work in synergy with each other to allow us to fully realise our creative ideas. We haven't got a beach, nice architecture or nice weather around us. This provides our inspiration.

"It is like that dependable old pair of trainers that you can slip into everyday, knowing that it will be there for you in your time of need. Comfortable, experienced and fits like a glove. We are in love, in fact intoxicated with what it gives us. The history can be seen with the high ceilings, where lines of working-class women would be working, with massive machines, on making just a little bit of money to take home. You can feel their spirit which has now transferred to us, driving home that with a bit of hard work anything is possible."


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