The inspiring creative studio of BigChinaCrayon in Brighton

Check out BigChinaCrayon, the rather wonderful studio shared by Brighton-based illustrators Tonwen Jones, Anthony Atkinson and Tilly. In the words of Tilly: "BigChinaCrayon is the name we affectionately call our studio, a sunlight-filled space situated a few minutes' walk from the sea and but a stone's throw from the rather lovely North Laines.

"Tonwen and I have been here for a couple of years, but Anthony has only recently put his feet under the desk. It really helps that all three of us are illustrators; we challenge each other professionally and are very honest with each other regarding work – and whose turn it is to make a cup of rosy lee!"

"When confronted with creative block, having the others to discuss your ideas with is invaluable (the relaxing coo of the pigeons also helps, though their criticism isn't quite so constructive). I can't work at home as I get cabin fever and sharing a studio provides a sense of creative belonging I wouldn't otherwise find. Ant is generous in fuelling us all with coffee, Tonwen keeps the 'dog biscuits' (A.K.A. fig rolls) rolling in and I keep our creative minds alert with '1 minute Mondays', a drawing challenge that makes us feel like wild west gunslingers.

"We're all highly driven and Tonwen and I have spent many a night eating take out on our desks; all we need now is a day bed and we'll end up living here full time! We're also shortly going to make this space even more epic with some new recruits and a night transforming one of our big white walls with some Posca pens and paint."

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Photos by Charlie Davis


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