Bristol artist Alison Jacobs uses her garden shed as her home studio

Today we're taking a peek at the studio of Alison Jacobs, an artist from Bristol who lives next door to a nuclear power station.

In Alison's own words: "Not only is my shed my creative space and shelter from the winds that whip up the Bristol Channel it is also a living work of art. My partner built it from a kit and we customised it to look as close as possible to Derek Jarman's Prospect Cottage. Not just because Prospect Cottage was home to a creative soul but to reflect the similarities of here and Dungeness as we live on a Nature Reserve next door to a Nuclear Power Station.

"I fantasise about creating a Derek Jarman style garden here and have read his books which are totally inspiring but I have been so busy creating my paintings that I have had little time for gardening. But nature takes care of that and its amazing what pops up between the gravel without my interference."

"I am a member of Gallery4Art which is an energetic, driven and very creative group of artists in Somerset. We put on amazing exhibitions several times a year, one of the creatives is Andrew Hobbs who is pursuing a project to photograph artists in their studios. It is his photographs I have supplied here and you can see more of this exciting project at

"Amongst other things I have been painting cows. This year's theme has been cows and sky. I am surrounded by fields of cows and the Bristol Channel due to its funnel shape squeezes the air racing in from the Atlantic producing the most amazing clouds I think I have ever seen. I have heard it said that Turner used to visit here just to study the skies. The down side of this is that the winds can be quite gusty and we have lost the roof to the Shed during two Marches in the last 5 years. We have strengthened the design of the shed since the last incident."

Photography Credit: Andrew Hobbs


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