Redefining success and building your own table, with Sophie Amono

Sophie Amono is a qualified journalist, marketing specialist, and entrepreneur who began her career working at Dazed & Confused and The Times, just as social media was hitting the mainstream.

Originally from London, she moved to Glasgow in 2015 after falling in love with the Scottish countryside and that's when she ventured into agency life for Made Brave. About 18 months ago, after a decade of working in the marketing sector and seeing Twitter and Instagram disrupt media forever, she launched her own social media agency, Stuffs, amongst other things.

She's also the person behind Creative Mornings in Glasgow and has recently started PERF, a social enterprise and beauty brand that helps support homeless people, particularly women.

In this episode we chat about her journey, the struggles she's faced, about Covid-19 and the lockdown, feminism, and finding her voice. We talk about Black Lives Matter and how we hope the world is changing for the better. Sophie also shares her views on success and how we need to change its meaning, perhaps learning to slow down, too. And she reveals some top tips on self-promotion to help all of us push forward post-coronavirus.

If you've been feeling a little lost and hopeless lately, then this refreshingly honest chat – full of laughs, home-truths, and the odd hilarious clumsy moment – will be the warm hug you need.

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