Finding joy in belonging and embracing the 'now', with Morag Myerscough

The award-winning and prolific designer and artist Morag Myerscough is our next guest. Although it's difficult to add any label to Morag (she doesn't like to be put in boxes), her work is instantly recognisable, positive and colourful.

Rather than claim to have any "style" (she dislikes that word), Morag instead lives by the mantra 'Make Happy Those Who Are Near and Those Who Are Far Will Come' and is probably best known for her public installations and architectural projects, ones that tap into the local community and surrounding areas, from schools and hospitals to cultural hubs and town centres.

A lot of her work is rooted in the idea of creating a sense of joy and belonging. And it's the very notion of belonging that Morag claims to be obsessed with. Although interestingly, she put her gorgeous Hoxton home up for sale this month on The Modern House, so we were keen to find out what's happening in her life and what she has planned next.

We also delve into how she's coped with recent events, and we get the inside scoop on her own lockdown projects – from sorting through decades of "stuff" to painting her entire home in her signature bold colours and patterns.

Please note, this episode has been deemed "explicit" for a few swear words, something you'll be interested to learn that Morag was rather pleased about.

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