Why confidence only comes from embracing the real you, with Dani Molyneux

Dani Molyneux is a typographic artist and designer based in Manchester. She's also the founder of the design studio Dotto, which celebrates its fourth birthday this year. Since 2017, Dani has specialised in brand identity, and has worked with clients in the arts and culture sector, as well as with conscious brands and corporates "breaking the status quo".

She's always had a passion for editorial and type-led design and has increasingly moved in that direction – particularly in the last year, as the impact of the pandemic finally gave her the time to step back and focus her business more on what she loves the most. As such, Dani now also creates bespoke and meaningful type art, always with a play on language.

In the same year she established her studio, she co-launched Ladies, Wine Design in Manchester (aka Jessica Walsh's non-profit venture), which she co-managed for three years. Since then, she has co-founded a new project called The How, which offers advice and guidance to creatives through interesting talks and workshops. As anyone will know in Manchester, Dani is a local positive force and one that does so much to uplift others.

In this episode, we chat about the challenges we often face as women, about finding our voice and not being afraid to stand up and be proud of ourselves and all we've achieved. We talk of change in the creative industries, about overcoming fears and doing things that challenge us so that we're able to develop new skills and build our confidence. We also hear stories about Dani's childhood and how she came to become a graphic designer and artist, even though she thought her destiny was in fashion.

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