The magic of discovering your 'why’, with Ashwin Chacko

This week, our guest is Ashwin Chacko, an illustrator, designer and hand-letterer based in Dublin. Born in India, Ashwin creates conceptual illustrations for ad campaigns, products, packaging, editorial, and children's books. And his joyful style has roots in his love of music, comics, tattoos and street art.

With bold lines and shapes, his compositions feature strong characters mixed with typography and pattern – each piece telling a story, bringing some positivity to the world. Messages like ‘Love is Kind’ and ‘Kindness will keep us together’ will give just a hint at why Ashwin is incredibly popular on social media and why his art kept many of us going during 2020.

Ashwin has pretty much always freelanced and recent clients include Facebook, Adobe, and Puma. Ashwin also finds time to create t-shirts, prints, books and stickers – all featuring his distinctive style and upbeat messaging.

In this episode, we get to know more about Ashwin's influences, how he found the events of last year, and learn of his passion for art and storytelling. We gain some understanding of his philosophy on life, his spirituality and the differences he's found between his home country of India and Ireland. This is a warm and relaxed chat with a gentle, kind soul who puts purpose at the heart of everything he does.

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