Find out which Howl's Moving Castle character you're most like with Loewe's latest collection

Ghibli fans are in for a treat with the latest collaboration between the animation studio and fashion label Loewe as it features an exclusive quiz based around Howl's Moving Castle.

Ever fancied yourself as a bit of an androgynous wizard-like Howl? Or perhaps you're more of a sweet but timid hatmaker like Sophie? Well, now you can find out who you're most like with the latest collaboration between luxury Spanish fashion company Loewe and Japanese animation powerhouse Studio Ghibli.

Created by advertising company Stink Studios to celebrate the launch of the LOEWE x Howl's Moving Castle collection, the quiz invites users to answer a short series of questions and perform a few tasks related to the popular movie. So scan the QR code on mischievous fire demon Calcifer's head and get ready to find out who you connect with the most.

Featuring promotional imagery created by Jurgen Teller and creative direction by Jonathan Anderson, the quiz takes landmark moments from the film and turns them into a series of fun little challenges. These include using the magic door dial that features in the movie, as well as choosing which spell to cast and exploring the trinkets of Howl's bedroom.

"Each scene is introduced with a quote from one of the characters," Stink Studio explain. "The user has to 'follow their heart' and make an instinctive choice based on a scenario from the story.

"The choices made by the user result in a different key character from the film being revealed — Sophie, Howl, Calcifer, Markl, Heen, Turnip Head, the Witch of the Waste, and The Castle itself — before presenting a series of unique and exclusive assets to share online."

As for the capsule collection itself, the Howl's Moving Castle range represents the third and final collaboration between Studio Ghibli and Loewe. Items include an adorable bag shaped like Calcipher, a pyjama blouse decked out with feathers worthy of Howl himself, and even a cape decorated with stunning imagery from the film.

Brought to life with Selfridges, where Loewe has taken residency from the start of February, an exclusive pre-launch collection accompanied the release, along with a unique culinary experience and Studio Ghibli exhibition space.

And in case you're worried about getting Turnip Head in the quiz, you're not alone. He's who we got after answering the questions, and if you ask us, the simple but loyal character is the best one to be connected with.


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