Koto's identity for Microsoft's Copilot+ PC range hopes to set a new benchmark in computing

The global studio has unveiled a new brand for Microsoft's latest generation of Windows laptops and PCs, all featuring built-in AI hardware. It marks a significant shift in the company's offering.

Koto is behind the branding for Microsoft Copilot+ PC, a new line of personal computers equipped with AI, the latest 'Snapdragon X Series Processors' to speed things up, all-day battery life, and something called a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) that boosts performance by up to 90%.

It sounds very impressive, but how did Koto develop the identity for the new Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, and other Copilot+ PCs from Dell, Lenovo, and more? It focused on the AI aspect, positioning it as "approachable and seamlessly integrated into daily life". The goal was to make AI seem less intimidating and more like a positive, optimistic advancement.

Koto's research showed that AI is often depicted with dark, heavy tones, giving it a mysterious feel. But Microsoft naturally wanted to present a different image. Copilot+ PCs aim to make life easier and brighter, whether by reducing workloads, boosting creativity, or simply brightening everyday tasks. In this case, Koto used warm and calming gradients inspired by natural light to create this friendly feel. This became the foundation of the entire brand identity, turning AI from a perceived threat into a helpful companion. As Koto explains, "Microsoft is leading a new era of AI, helping people focus on what they do best: thinking, working, creating, and living."

Sam Howard, Koto's creative director, expressed his excitement about defining Microsoft's take on AI. But as with all new technologies," he says, "they come with their challenges. How do we create a brand that not only excites people about the transformative power of AI but also educates them on its role in their lives? How do we capture the intelligence of the product but also make sure it feels innately human?

"Our goal with the Microsoft Copilot+ PC brand was to find that balance by emphasising the human side of technology in a world that typically does the opposite."

As such, the new logo aims to blend innovation and human connection. The 'Copilot+ PC' symbol, created by Microsoft along with the wordmark by Koto, represents the "fusion of technology and humanity" and embraces the "innovative power of companionship". Koto then incorporated this logo into a sleek user interface, emphasising the Copilot+ PC processor capabilities. It all ties nicely into the brand's 'Illumination through AI' theme.

The entire design system is both flexible and expressive. Copilot+ PC gradients explore the full spectrum of light, showcasing the "illuminating power" of AI-driven hardware. It uses colour to evoke emotion and adapts to various contexts, unifying the Copilot+ identity across backgrounds, typography, and art direction. Koto also developed a brand language highlighting cutting-edge tech in various scenarios.

To bring it all to life through movement, Koto was also behind the art direction and motion design system executed by creative studio Buck. The concept "captures a new dawn", using natural light to represent the approachable presence of AI in daily life. Again, it reflects the idea of companionship between humanity and technology.

Passerine contributed ad animations with clear typography reflecting colour theory in transitional states. A glassy haze adds depth, while light sheens and elegant sweeps hope to guide attention. The new identity for Microsoft's Copilot+ PC range is being rolled out across social media, advertising, website, and in stores globally.


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