Wenching Tang's elegant illustrations are an expression of her introverted personality

Taiwan-based illustrator Wenching Tang uses basic line work and stripped-back colour palettes in her delicate artworks that subtly speak volumes.

You don't have to be loud to command a room; the same goes for art. Just take the illustrations of Wenching Tang, which draw inspiration from the likes of Picasso and Matisse to effortlessly depict subjects using simple lines and shapes.

Currently living in Taiwan, but having travelled Europe extensively and studied illustration in Brighton, Wenching's fine art background and grasp of traditional skills have allowed her to cultivate a unique aesthetic encompassing both genres.

"I am a visual learner and love reading images more than words," she tells Creative Boom. "I've wanted to work in the creative industry since a young age because it allows me to express myself through the things I create."

Wenching's output encompasses everything from portraits to fashion illustrations, lifestyle artworks and even motion graphics. All united by a style that she describes as elegant, delicate and refined. "It encompasses graphic lines and flat colour blocks, with clean and simple compositions," she adds.

French painters seem to be a significant influence on this aesthetic. "Bonnard's paintings have opened my eyes to intriguing perspectives found in everyday life," Wenching explains. "I also take inspiration from Toulouse-Lautrec's bold compositions in printmaking posters, plus Reńe Gruau's minimal and contemporary illustrations."

These artists, in particular, hint at how travelling around Europe has shaped Wenching's art. She claims to often be inspired by things around her, and the different cultures and lifestyles the continent offers were ripe for being reflected in her work.

"From studying sculptures on buildings to looking at what people are wearing in cafes, I've got an eye for detail that is always eager to explore," she reveals. "Travelling has enriched my work, especially because I have been able to visit museums and study from the greats."

Wenching doesn't just find her muse in the external world, though. Her distinctive look is based on her sense of self as well. "As an introvert, I think my fondness of colour palette is related to my personality," she says. "I love things that look quiet rather than stand out, so I tend to use various shades of grey in my work."

This doesn't mean that Wenching isn't open to change, though. In fact, one of her favourite commissions – a project based around the idea of blossoming that took its visual cues from an English garden – positively embraces more colour and dynamic elements.

But minimal line work is Wenching's artistic signature, and it's one that's been perfected through repeated observation and experimentation. "At first, I would capture details with a bunch of lines, and I tried various techniques in order to limit them down and find a balance between the selected lines," she concludes.

"I found that narrowing my eyes worked. It allowed me to check my illustrations and compare the finished drawing to the subject to see how they connect."


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