The Dream Hunter by Agnes & Anthony brings a magical handmade 'Baku' to Amsterdam

Taking inspiration from ancient Japanese folklore about a spirit called Baku, known as The Dream Eater, this gorgeous creature is made entirely from paper and recycled cardboard, crafted by Agnes & Anthony.

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of Agnes & Anthony

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of Agnes & Anthony

The magical window display is for the new Hermès store in Amsterdam. "It is said that if you have a nightmare you can call Baku three times and he will come to eat your nightmares," explains the Brussels creative duo. "In our installation, we follow a friendly-looking, furry monster through the night, hunting for dreams and nightmares in a sleeping city before returning to his magical home deep in the jungle.

"Every design choice is meant to give a feeling of a dreamlike state. For the design of the architecture, we take inspiration from the playscape of the Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi and the dreamlike architectures of Ricardo Bofill. The other key part of our design is the colour palette. The contrast between a rich purple and the bright gradients is meant to give the illusion of the night and to draw the passers-by into this mysterious world."

Agnes is originally from Hong Kong and Anthony is from Toulouse in France. "We met a few years back at university in Wales and we have been working together for the last two years," Agnes tells Creative Boom. "Our work ranges from window displays and scenography to animation and visual design. With my background in theatre design and Anthony’s background in animation, we work together creatively and continue to influence each other in our handmade and digital work."

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