Science Saved Stephen, according to Jason Booth

When Jason Booth was presented with the brief of how he - as a graphic designer - could explore brain chemistry in relation to motor neurone disease, the result was Science Saved Stephen - a 60 page publication about a character called Stephen who is diagnosed with the disease.

Jason said: "My main focus was looking at how the brain still functions fully, although the body might not. Inspired by Stephen Hawking and his incredible mind I made a publication about a man called Stephen who is diagnosed with motor neurone disease. Stephen is then presented with a rare opportunity and together, with his grumpy, slightly sarcastic talking pet cat ‘Hawking’ they go on an intrepid adventure to outer space.

"Each planet Stephen visits is a metaphor for a different stage of the illness. The publication is a storybook communicating motor neurone disease in an indirect way so people can enjoy the read, as well as, learning information about the illness and how amazing the chemistry of the brain can be." Beautiful work. And you can discover more over at


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