Getting Blameless with LeithLate to create a mural in Edinburgh

Art collective Blameless has just completed a large public artwork in the heart of Leith in Edinburgh, in collaboration with LeithLate.

The giant mural is situated on the corner of Halmyre Street and Gordon Street, previously the site of one of the last public commissioned murals in Edinburgh - back in the 1980s. Unfortunately, due to a financial dispute, this mural was destroyed by the artist himself shortly after its completion.

The site sat ruined for decades before Blameless took it on again to create a new mural for Leith. The new design (collectively created by Blameless) is a large reworking of the Leith Persevere crest and depicts a ship sailing across a striped sea.

The ship in the mural is based on the SS Explorer, the last steamship to be registered to Leith and which is currently undergoing restoration by a team of volunteers and enthusiasts. The initials L.H. are on the boat, pertaining to Leith Harbour, and a nautical flag to the rear tells its readers ‘Open For Communication’.

Artists involved include Skint Richie, Rabiya Choudhry, Martin McGuinness, DUFI and Fraser Gray. Watch the following video to find out more about the project in the making.


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