Pieces of litter which are actually wooden sculptures

On the first inspection, you would believe that you're looking at discarded packaging and general litter. When in fact, it's a detailed painting and carved wooden sculpture by artist Tom Pfannerstill.

All images courtesy of the artist

All images courtesy of the artist

The series of artworks, entitled From The Street, are carefully crafted, carved and painted, trompe l’oeil depictions of everyday common objects. On the back of each piece is a description of where and when he found this ‘gift from the street’ and so, they provide a record that mirrors his movements through time and space.

He explains: "In the most obvious sense these pieces speak to issues of commercialism and consumerism. The objects reflect state-of-the-art-graphics; one can almost sense the well-planned and psychologically tested schemes to sell the products.

"They are a testament to the effectiveness of that marketing, after all, someone made the decision to purchase the product before consuming it and discarding the packaging. What happens next, though, is of greatest interest to me. These pieces are carried away and undergo a unique series of events that lead to their individuation."


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