This Must Be The Place: Nando's spices up its identity with hot new branding platform

Popular flame-grilled chicken chain Nando's has turned up the heat on its brand identity with the launch of a new sonic logo and the debut of a short film directed by Jonathan Entwistle.

Fast food chains seem to be going through something of an advertising renaissance. Only recently have we seen McDonald's shake up its marketing with a cliche-defying campaign that didn't feature its signature meals. And now Nando's is getting in on the action with the launch of its new branding platform: This Must Be The Place.

Created in collaboration with New Commercial Arts, Zenith Media, and Adelphoi Music, This Must Be The Place features the launch of a new sonic logo and a short film from the director and creator of the cult Netflix Original Series The End Of The F***ing World. Centred around the cheeky experiences that happen during a trip to Nando's, the fun spot features cameos from some of the chain's most famous fans. Check it out below:

How many cameos did you recognise? The eagle-eyed amongst you would have spotted England footballer Bukayo Saka, Instagram icon Grime Gran, TikTok chef LetsMunch and music artist Niko B.

Director Jonathan Entwistle said: "Nando's is such a unique place! As a restaurant, it obviously has its own distinct personality, but as a brand, it offers the opportunity to be really playful and cool. I wanted to make sure this energy ran through the film. Layering up the Nando's stories with the really distinct characters from the creative allowed me to really nail a tone that is so perfectly Nando's."

Meanwhile, those with a delicate ear will have noticed that the distinctive sonic logo rounds off the film. If the concept of a sonic logo isn't ringing any bells, it's the name that's used to describe those signature jingles that accompany the use of certain brand names or products. Intel is one of the more notable examples, while McDonald's I'm-Loving-It-themed whistle is another you're likely to be familiar with.

As for Nando's new sonic logo, this catchy little tune is inspired by the chain's Southern African heritage and the iconic 'Afro-Luso' music that plays in its restaurants. "The sonic logo marks an exciting move for the brand as it evolves the communication of its brand heritage," Nando's explains. "The new sound will inform all brand touchpoints from today, including in-restaurant experience, advertising and internal communications."

No contemporary branding campaign would be complete without a social media element, and This Must Be The Place is no different. Tying into the theme of the film, users and customers will be invited to share their favourite stories of Nando's for a chance to win an array of prizes and experiences throughout the year. Not only that, but the campaign will also roll out in restaurants via digital takeovers, with each restaurant and employee able to get in on the fun too.

"We're excited to launch This Must Be The Place - our new creative platform that will inform all brand activity moving forwards," Nando's Head of Brand Hannah Smith concludes. "We're so proud to be able to offer such a unique experience as a restaurant – whether it's trying a new spice on the PERi-ometer or telling your mates about a first date you had - everyone has a Nando's story, and that's what This Must Be The Place represents.

"It's a message that we will be championing throughout the business, and we have a heap of activity planned throughout the year. Watch this space!"


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