Lyon & Lyon's 'textured' identity for a haircare brand catering for different hair types

Sheffield studio Lyon & Lyon has crafted a new identity and packaging design for Fabricá, a new haircare product range specialising in thick and thin hair. The hair type is reflected on the bottle design itself with either thick lines or thin lines.

The name Fabricá is derived from the Latin for 'texture', making it an excellent choice of name for the brand, as it points to the variety of hair textures that the products help to restore – we're talking shampoos, conditioners and hair and scalp treatments. Of course, it was this theme of 'texture' that inspired Lyon & Lyon's work: "Unique thick and thin ridges on the packaging reflect the hair type that the product is best suited to, and these lines are echoed as assets throughout the brand application," says designer, Harry Wright.

The studio chose "natural, earthy tones" for the packaging, including an olive green for conditioner and a sand colour for shampoo. The bottles have a high-quality matt finish compared to the more glossy plastic bottles that are usually found on our shelves, giving a sense of luxury. Each bottle is then individually wrapped in a textured, recycled cardboard sleeve. "Using a sleeve as opposed to a full box means it cuts down on material and lets the beautiful design of the bottle show through, whilst protecting the bottles in transit and on the shelf," Harry adds. The cardboard is apparently debossed with ridges to match the bottle inside.

This attention to detail is no surprise, as all of the products are vegan, sulphate-free and paraben-free and are suited to those of us with damaged hair, whatever our hair type. A premium-feel brand identity for a forward-thinking product with impressive eco-credentials and a nice niche in the haircare market. See more of Lyon & Lyon's work at


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