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Sahb Poster by Naoyuki Fukumoto – Silver A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award in 2018. © RGB Ventures / SuperStock / Alamy Stock Photo
Image created by Nicolle Rodriguez, using the Looking Glass action set and an Adobe Stock photo
Previous winner: Anemone Sofa by Yi-Xuan Lee for Weimar Design Ltd – Gold A' Design Award
Yajing Hu. All photography by [Vic Phillips](
The Egg Factory, Hebden Bridge. Image courtesy of [Rachel Johns at The Egg Factory](
Meetup branding, by Sagmeister & Walsh
Sculpture by Bronwen Grieves, Sycamore Knife by Leszek Sikon, Explosion by Emma Strathdee. Photography by Yeshen Venema
All photography by [Will Ellis](

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