Fiona Keating

Fiona Keating is an editor and journalist who has worked for The Guardian, The Independent, and Graphics International. She was also the news editor at International Business Times, covering news, arts and culture. Fiona was also the arts and culture editor of Beige magazine.

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Sojung Jun, Despair to be reborn, 2020, 24min 45sec, single channel video Image Courtesy: Fondation d'entreprise Hermès, Photograph by Sangtae Kim
Offered a Ride by Emily Pettigrew.
Patterns of light based, floating in a sea of darkness.
Synchronised is a re-imagining of the prosthetic arm as a piece of jewellery. Image by Omkaar Kotedia, co-created with Dani Clode.
An 'exotic' photograph from Lau's book Picturing the Chinese: Early Western Photographs and Postcards of China.
Mom in Harlem.
Rebecca Parkin surrounded by her monstrous women.All photos courtesy of David Bebber.
AnOther magazine issue 43 design direction
Amber holds herself proudly in her parents living room.
Her Heart Sank When She Saw The Box. Painted on vintage colour charts.
Battersea Power Station © Matt Kenneally
Larry Achiampong’s love of video games continues to inform his work today. Image: @emileholbaphoto.
Chinese fan and slippers. Image: Kathy Hall, British Library

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