Anthony Burrill + Alan Kitching = colourful letterpress joy

What happens when two of today’s brightest stars in letterpress get together? Joy, that’s what!

Yup, it’s Anthony Burrill and Alan Kitching, who’ve worked together on a new print entitled Joy. The poster was created in a limited run of 100, with each poster printed by hand.

This is the first collaboration between the two artists, and you can almost feel the titular Joy just in the behind-the-scenes images here. Sure, the digital world is all well and good, but there’s something pretty special about seeing the messiness and imperfections that make analogue processes feel so glorious.

As the photographs, beautifully shot by Dunja Opalko reveal, this was very much about a hands-on, aprons-on approach. The result feels very much Burrill, and very much Kitching in its bright colours, textural lettering and playfulness, with each character of the word gently tumbling into the next.


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