Denomination's floral identity for a new gin drink that has sustainability at its heart

Australian creative studio Denomination is behind this identity and packaging design for a new gin by the award-winning eco wine brand, Tread Softly. The designs are for two debut offerings, one dry and one pink, and aim to celebrate the drink's sustainability focus.

The company behind Tread Softly, Fourth Wave Wine Partners, approached Denomination earlier this year with a brief that would help it disrupt the gin category and highlight Tread Softly's sustainability focus. Moving away from what it believes is a "more masculine style of branding" in this part of the market, Denomination has created something that has more of a "gently powerful presence on the shelf". It also taps into a growing appetite among consumers for brands that care about the planet with an innovative approach to labelling and packaging.

On the small front label, which is fashioned from natural paper stock, there's a tiny illustration of a ladybird, encouraging consumers to "lean in and investigate". While the design on the back of the bottle is screen-printed and features beautiful, generous illustrations of flora and fauna. The illustrations can be seen through the glass and the liquid, amplifying the natural message and reflecting the brand's awareness of its environmental footprint. What's more, the glass used is made from 100% recycled glass, with its blue/green tint changing hues between each production run. There is no plastic security seal on the capsule, using instead a simple paper seal over a wooden stopper. All elements have been selected based on their sustainability credentials.

"We originally created this brand to speak to consumers' rising ethical engagement and awareness," says Rowena Curlewis from Denomination. "One of the key objectives behind the strategy was to futureproof Fourth Wave's portfolio and make room for sustainable diversification. Taking this 'gentle juggernaut' of a wine brand into spirits shows just how effective brand strategy and packaging identity can be when they are developed to flex and grow, accommodating business development and changing consumer needs."

Curlewis continues: "This type of futureproof approach is becoming essential as our industry responds to increasing environmental challenges and consumer scrutiny. We wanted to create a brand that would convey Fourth Wave's commitment to safeguarding the sector and the planet."

Denomination collaborated with industry leaders in sustainable solutions and global consumer insights, as well as some of the world's leading packaging manufacturers, suppliers and printers to make Tread Softly's new packaging a reality. "We worked very hard with our vetted network of suppliers to get the right production finishes and bottle choice," says Curlewis. "It's not simply about creating something beautiful. We strive to help businesses keep on top of sustainability initiatives and product innovations, connect with the right suppliers and keep up with shifts in regulations – all while keeping an eye on the bottom line."

Crampton adds: "Tread Softly is a brand with a clear agenda. We are planting more trees, using recycled materials in our bottles and always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Denomination understands that journey and how to convey it to consumers in an authentic way. We're on the same page when it comes to safeguarding our business and the wider industry."

Tread Softly Natural Botanicals Dry Gin and Delicate Botanicals Pink Gin are available at major retailers in Australia. The UK and Europe will follow soon.


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