The Secret Lives of Animals might look like a children's book but the story is for adults

They say you should never judge a book by its cover. The pictures in this new children's book may have pleasing pastels, with cute animals, nursery rhymes, and playful sounds, but PETA invites you to take a closer look.

The Secret Lives of Animals is part of a provocative campaign by Miami advertising agency The Community to show us the real story behind how we get our meat and goods. What might look like your average book for bedtime reveals the horrors animals go through on farms, circuses and in labs.

"In our version," says Creative Director Rodri González, "the animal sounds you hear are the real depiction of what these beloved animals sound like when they are being harmed."

The book, which isn't intended for children, also forms the basis of a new TV spot where we see adults supposedly reading the story to children – in the library, at bedtime and in school. At first, it seems innocent enough – as you'd expect. But soon, the realisation hits and the horror is reflected on young faces.

An extract reads: "Swim, dolphin, swim in circles all day. Swim for the kids; they've come all this way. Picture yourself with no room to play. Inside your tub, swimming your life away."

The Secret Lives of Animals is available to purchase via the PETA shop.


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